Yomagic Hår Farve Flettet Kasse Fletninger Syntetisk Hår Blonder Foran Paryk 613 Farve Hår Flettet Paryk Med Baby Hår til Kvinder


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kr611.21 kr305.61

  • Hætte Størrelse: Gennemsnitlige Størrelse
  • Grundmaterialet: Schweiziske Blonder
  • Mærke: YOMAGIC
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Parykker Længde: lang
  • Kan Blive Permanentet: Ja
  • Farve Blonder: Medium Brun
  • Tekstur: 2x Twist Paryk med Fletninger
  • Tæthed: 150%
  • Materiale Kvalitet: Høj Temperatur Fiber

Tags: hair menneskelige paryk, for mænd paryk, mænd flettet paryk, max fletninger brun, max braied paryk, long brown cosplay paryk, bob grøn paryk, box braid paryk, stor flettet parykker, anogol platinum blonde paryk.


Hello, I recommend this company, they are very good, the communication is magnificent, they always keep you up to date with everything and also they look for a solution as was my case, they do everything possible to make you happy and satisfied, I recommend it also, the braided wig is good, thank you for Your great attention and collaboration, thank you, you have 5 stars Hello me, I put moderate because the product had finished and they had to do it and look for the color that I had requested but if they are not fast, the shipping was a little slower but it was normal because they had to make the wig, they are very good Thanks to all the team